This Service Agreement (“Agreement”) is at this moment entered into between Innovanty Cart. (from now on referred to as “the Agency”) and also the party set forth within the related order form (“the client” or “you”) incorporated herein by this reference (together with any later connected forms submitted by Client, the “Order Form”) and applies to the purchase of all selling and news Services (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Digital Marketing Services”) ordered by client.


For the needs of providing these services, the client agrees:

  1. To ensure the Agency with FTP access to its websites for uploading new pages, and creating changes for SEO Services improvement or approval to travel through a 3rd party.
  2. To authorise the Agency use of all the Client’s logos, trademarks, website pictures, etc., to be used in making informational pages and the other methods as deemed necessary by Agency for program positioning and improvement.

3.That if the Client’s website(s) is light in matter content, the shopper can give further relevant text content in electronic format for the aim of making new sites. Shopper agrees to produce content, for instance, 200 to five hundred words “articles” about every of their keyword phrases.


Where the shopper appoints the Agency to produce paid search selling services (“PSM Services”), the terms of this Annex A shall apply.

1.proactively manage, monitor, track and live program selling programs and promote the selling of the Client’s product and services (“Products”) on the Website(s) (and all successor or replacement sites to it)

2.manage the relationships with and payments to the owners, operators and administrators of the relevant search engines or directories (“Search Partners”)

3.manage bid price, listing terms, monthly spend, adding and deleting listings, making new listings and changing bid amounts

4.provide, monitor and maintain the {required|the mandatory} technology applications required to link the Website(s) to go looking Partners

5.track and report specific metrics together with the number of clicks, sales conversion data and ROI measurements.